TFL CrosfFit classes are designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community. Our CrossFit group classes offer:

  1. Programming – Our athletes have a vast range of personal goals and ability levels. Our group training program is designed with the flexibility to meet those needs.

  2. Supportive Community – Our group CrossFit classes are the perfect solution for an individual looking for a supportive environment that shares the desire to be happier and healthier.

Most 1-hour group classes will cover:


Personal Training

Personal training is available for anyone looking to change their current lifestyle, but not ready to join a CrossFit class. Our staff is happy to come up with a more personalized plan for you that will give you the results you want to see. Personal training is also a great way for anyone interested in joining CrossFit to ensure they are practicing the fundamentals correctly prior to joining classes. Personal training fees are available upon request.


Boot Camp

TFL BootCamp program is geared towards revving up your metabolism to a high degree. If you’re pressed for time or just like the convenience of a quick workout, BootCamp is the option for you. You will feel like part of a team as we have many features built into the program. No one here goes it alone – we all show up for a challenge, we all stay to overcome it, and we all leave changed because of it. Make sure to bring plenty of energy to each session as you’ll be using it all!

BootCamp a great introductory experience in preparation for our more robust CrossFit programming, or an excellent stand-alone program. Either way, you’ll be learning a lot about yourself during these sessions.