About Us

TFL CROSSFIT is family owned and run. TFL is for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Our members range from professional athletes, members of the Police Force and Firefighters to Pop-Pops in their mid-sixties. We have fit men and women along side office workers who used to consider walking to get coffee as their exercise. We are not conformed to a particular look, and we have evolved from your traditional gym environment. We are much different. So, if you want to strengthen your already agile and proficient athletic abilities; want to improve your overall health; or you simply want to look better naked, TFL CROSSFIT is for you.

TFL CROSSFIT is also a real community of fitness. Our members know each other’s names, encourage one another during workouts go on field trips like the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, and also socialize outside of their workouts. Don’t get us wrong, for you to get results, that requires dedication and commitment to yourself as well your fellow athletes. You are not in this alone. Together we Train For Life.


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