Q: I’m in pretty-good shape. Can I skip the Work Shop Class and go right to your WOD classes?

A: We strongly encourage you to take a FREE TFL WORKSHOP CLASS just to get to know us better, and you are absolutely required to complete our TFL Workshop before being allowed to take any TFL CROSSFIT WOD classes. We welcome drop-ins with prior CrossFit experience to join our TFL CROSSFIT WOD classes. Please just give us a call prior to coming it for class so we can have any paperwork ready for you when you arrive. The standard $20 drop in fee applies for you to participate.

Q: Okay… what if I’m in really-good shape? How are you going to make me sweat with all these newbies in class?

A: Don’t worry. We’ve got your number. If you are really, really fit, we can ramp up the Work Shop Class just for you. We promise we can leave you lying on the floor, fatigued, sore and maybe gasping a little for air even after just one Intro Class. But remember, at your fitness level, It’s our job to push you, and your job to know your limits.

Q: What if I can’t get in all six classes of the TFL Workshop within the two-week time frame?

A: Don’t worry. Although your contract for WOD classes will start as originally planned (and again, you must complete the WS classes before signing up for WOD classes), you can take up to four weeks to finish your workshop classes. There are two A, two B, and two C workshops that do not have to be taken in any specific order. If you still need time to get in your Workshop classes, we can work you into one of the other work shop classes that work for your schedule.

Q: I just relocated to Mt. Airy, but I’ve been taking CROSSFIT for a while now. Do I need to go through all of this intro stuff to take WOD classes?

A: We will need to assess your CROSSFIT abilities, and whether or not you need to complete the TFL Workshop will be at the discretion of our head coach. Unless you have trained extensively at another affiliate and gone through a foundations program there similar to ours, chances are we will require that you go through our TFL Workshop. Please feel free to contact us regarding this issue, and we will be happy to work it out so you can start training again.

Q: Do you offer Private TFL Workshop Classes?

A: We do offer private workshop classes, and semi-private workshop classes with a friend.

Q: What do I need to bring to my first Workshop Class?

A: Just bring yourself. You can wear comfortable workout clothes (shorts or sweats, t-shirt, running shoes or workout specific shoes). A water bottle is a good idea. We provide everything else.

Q: Do you take credit cards, cash, and personal checks?

A: We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for membership enrollments via auto-pay. We will accept cash and personal checks for store items and miscellaneous expenses (privates, walk-ins, etc…)

Q: Do you sell t-shirts and TFL CROSSFIT clothing?

A: Absolutely! Stop by and buy something fun and awesome!

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