Class Examples Warm-up | Skill | Strength | Endurance | WOD | Mobility

TFL CROSSFIT classes run for 50-60 minutes and are led by certified CrossFit coaches and trainers. We accommodate many different fitness and skill levels simultaneously and design our program to assure anyone can take our classes and get maximum benefit. Our typical classes run as follows:

  • Dynamic Warm-up: The beginning focuses on simply getting the body moving and muscles activated and your heart rate increased.
  • Skill, Strength, and Endurance Work: At this point we go over the mechanics of the WOD exercises and practice techniques.
    Workout of the Day (WOD): This is the heart of TFL CROSSFIT. Steps 1-2 are essential to get the most out of the WOD and reduce the risk of injury from not being properly warmed up or ready for the mechanics involved. At every workout we are able to tailor to your fitness level independent to those individuals working around you. This training will ensure our athletes are reaching their full potential during each work out. All of our CrossFit classes are done in a group setting. There is nothing like building camaraderie and friendship over a little blood sweat and tears.
  • Flexibility/Mobility Work: Lastly we stretch. Our Flexibility and Mobility work is the last essential portion of CrossFit training.


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