Box Rules

TFL CrossFit’s Box Rules!

  1. Show up on time: Practice technique, be consistent, do not talk while the coach is, listen to your coaches and learn new things!
  2. Leave your EGO at the door: CrossFit is humbling to everyone! Nuff Said!!!
  3. Support your fellow Crossfitters: We are a community first. When it sucks for one trust us it sucks for everyone. Make sure you support those who are still working after you have finished.
  4. Let the coaches coach: While support is great, leave the coaching to the coaches. They are experienced and love what they do. They do not love when you try to do their job.
  5. If you are unsure, ASK!: Our coaches are always here for you. Questions will help eliminate confusion and keep yourself and others safe.
  6. Don’t do stupid things: Proper Technique, Consistency and Intensity lead to decreased injuries so listen to your coaches. And if you do have an injury, please tell your coach before you start class.
  7. Don’t cheat your reps: Nobody likes that and your only hurting yourself
  8. Only put your stuff away when we are all done: Our athletes think of TFL as their own. If you see something on the ground pick it up, keep chalk in the bucket, Leave the place like you found it.
  9. Have Fun: While our classes are serious, work as hard as you can and have fun! That’s one of the things that makes us different.

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